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At one point in time, countertop choices were simple – granite and laminate dominated the kitchen landscape. Now though there’s a lot to choose from - there’s so many choices from stone, to granite, to quartz and even soapstone. The interesting part is that soapstone isn’t that new --- it’s been used in farmhouse kitchens for hundreds of years, and frequently seen in traditional kitchens.


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When choosing countertops as part of a new home build or as part of a long-overdue kitchen renovation, our experienced specialists can help you with the purchase and installation of your soapstone countertops.


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Why Choose a Soapstone Countertop?

As an alternative to granite and marble, soapstone countertops offer a very pleasing appearance with intricate patterns swirling through many colors – grey/black, grey, black, dark green, charcoal and even green/black among others. Because it has a high talc content, soapstone possesses a comforting softness when touched, yet has the strength and durability of any of its rivals.

Benefiting from offering low electrical and thermal conductivity and a high point of fusion, soapstone is impervious to most physical damage – whether caused by hot pots and pans errantly put on the counter, or invasive liquid spills that would damage granite.




How to Maintain Soapstone Countertops

Because soapstone is non-porous, it’s immune to chemicals, acids and heat – while also recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a suitable surface material for contact with food. However, to help soapstone develop the charcoal colors it’s known for, you can treat it with mineral oil from time to time. Newly installed stone will have some dust from the installation remaining on it, so wipe that away with a sponge and clean water - then apply its first coat of mineral oil.

The first coat will take a little more effort than the follow-up oiling’s as you will have to cover the stone with mineral oil and then let it sit for a half hour or so. Since the stone won’t absorb the oil, over time it will evaporate and need replacement – but by oiling the counter, you’ll have brought out the character of your soapstone.

How to Clean Soapstone Counters

After its first mineral oil treatment, you can use a household cleanser – though usually just wiping the soapstone with water and soap is just as effective. Sink corners can usually be kept clean by using a small vegetable brush as required.

Ready for Use

In our experience, the more a soapstone countertop is used, the more the natural beauty of the soapstone will come out. Keep it looking beautiful by treating it to mineral oil from time to time.


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We’d like to invite you to come out to our Milford showroom, check out our soapstone and other countertop options, and answer any questions you might have. Or if you prefer to call us, give us a call at 302-335-1199.