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Creative Tile Backsplash for Your Home

No longer does your kitchen or bathroom walls need to be bare or just a solid color. Tile backsplashes give you the creative opportunities to give your walls a lift in aesthetic that will affect the entire room. They serve both a practical and aesthetic feature as they protect your walls while making the room look stylish. There are so many different types of materials to use, such as ceramic, glass, or stone, the designs are endless with different colors and patterns. Give your old and tired kitchen or bathroom new life by installing a new tile backsplash.

Designing Your Tile Backsplash

Using tiles for your backsplash gives you an array of options for your design. There are many different colors of tiles, tiled patterns, and even materials to use with different shapes and sizes. Your tile backsplash is not set in stone just from how your countertop looks or what material was used for it. It doesn’t have to match your countertop, but it should harmonize with the rest of the kitchen or bathroom. Tile backsplashes are a good way to create a focal point around cooking areas in your kitchen. If you are wrapping your entire kitchen, consider using a different design for where your stove and sink are to make those areas pop out.

A backsplash typically goes from the top of the countertop to the bottom of the cabinets to create a nice transition between the two areas. If you are looking for a bolder look, consider going from the countertop to the ceiling to give a sense of visual continuity which will make a small space seem bigger than it is. It can also help hide any imperfections or gaps that your appliances or countertop has created.

Maintaining Your Tile Backsplash

Since backsplashes double as both an aesthetic as well as a protector for your walls, maintaining them is important. They protect your walls from temperature changes from your stove as well as splatter from both food or water. Make sure to not skip over your backsplash when cleaning your kitchen as it can easily harbor grime and germs if not cleaned regularly.

Tile backsplashes can be a little harder to clean and maintain than a sheet backsplash due to its many pieces. Due to wear, tear, and old age, some tiles may become misaligned which can create cracks or small gaps for dirt and grime to hide in. A non-abrasive brush that can get into the grabs is your best tool for cleaning your backsplash when this occurs.

Get Started on Yours Today

Tile backsplashes gives you the opportunity to make a statement with your kitchen or bathroom aesthetic. It can bring a whole room together and highlight certain areas and parts of the room. Your imagination is your only limit when designing your tile backsplash. We can also help you with your design, costing, and building your backsplash. Give us a call at 302-335-1199 to start putting together your new backsplash art for your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in your home.