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Stone Sheet Backsplash

Typically, when you think of a kitchen backsplash you think of tiles or mosaic designs behind a sink or stove. Backsplashes have become a large focal point when considering the interior design of your kitchen, or even bathroom. Despite the first thought of tile as a backsplash, sheet backsplashes (a.k.a. slab backsplashes) utilize the stone that is more commonly used for countertops to create a seamless and smooth backsplash that is better than any other material at protecting your wall and facilitating clean up.

What is a Sheet Backsplash?

A sheet backsplash is one continuous piece of stone that covers your wall to both protect it and to add an aesthetic value. Having a sheet backsplash in your kitchen gives it a custom, luxury look that you can match to your countertops. If you’re looking for a quick way to modernize the look of your kitchen then using a stone sheet backsplash will do the trick. Quartz has been a popular choice as a backsplash. Sheet backsplashes typically go from the countertop up to the cabinets, but this can change depending on the look you want for your room.

Features of Using a Sheet Backsplash

These sheets of stone are crafted and customized to fit your wall. It is a form of art specifically for your kitchen or bathroom as they create a statement and demand attention when you walk into the room. A sheet backsplash can vary in size depending on the look you want. You can have it go up to your cabinets, have it set up an area for artwork or shelving, or even have it go all the way to the ceiling. Another popular option is to use a sheet backsplash to highlight smaller features of your kitchen, such as behind the stove or sink and then using a different stone or material for the rest of the wall.

Since the sheet backsplash is not a culinary working surface, the durability value of stones is not necessary for choosing the right stone. It is purely an aesthetic choice which give you many different possibilities and combinations. You can get a sheet containing a nice large vein to showcase or a more simple solid color slab. Cleaning a sheet backsplash is much easier than cleaning a tile backsplash. Since it is a continuous piece of stone, there are no seams or cracks where dirt can easily collect. A simple wipe down is all the is required to keep your backsplash maintained.

Designing Your Kitchen with a Sheet Backsplash

Because of the aesthetic value of a sheet backsplash there can be a lot of thought put into the backsplash. What kind of stone to use, how high up will it go, and where will it be placed? Should it be a continuation of the countertops stone, or should it have its own independent look? A general rule of thumb is to avoid choosing more than three different materials for different surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. Pairing your backsplash and countertop can create a bold and seamless look.

When walking into a room one of the biggest focal points for people to look at is the walls. Noticing a countertop first when walking into a kitchen is much harder than noticing a wall. Because of this you may want to consider having your backsplash be flashier, fancier, and more luxurious than the countertop to create a strong visual effect.

Much like how we treat our stone countertops, these sheet backsplashes are art installations in your home. They add a functional value to your walls, but also an aesthetic one. They can become the focal point of your kitchen or a compliment to the rest of its features and appliances. We have many different types of stones and slabs to choose from. Let’s start making yours today. Give us a call at 302-335-1199 to get started.